Player Profile: Jacob Cashion C/O ’23 Quarterback

Jacob Cashion: 6’0 170 Quarterback

At first glance of Cashion on tape, you can see that he does a great job of giving the defense eye candy, and then going over the top of them. Does a great job with ball placement, fitting passes between defenders in small windows. Also able to throw the deep ball and lead the receiver. Has the ability to put the ball where only his teammate catch the ball. Has great feet in the pocket. Does not get rattled when his first option is not open. Has great zip on the ball on his release. Has the ability to evade oncoming defenders and agile enough to make something out of nothing.

Cashion is a member of the 7v7 team, Impact Athletes, and teammate of CJ Goldsby Jr, Conrad Hussey and Blake Murphy who we have previously written on, which is a first year organization that is coached by Ron Hardge. The more film I watch on this group, the more I believe they will take center stage in the 7v7 circuit and run the table!


Twitter: @jacob_cashion

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