Player Profile: Jaylen Bonelli C/O ’23 Wideout

Jaylen Bonelli: 5’9, 150 Wideout

Bonelli is a dynamic player that provides a spark for his offense. A do-it-all player, he can take a jet sweep to the house, breaking tackles along the way. He is a security blanket for his quarterback, who knows he can put it in the air and expect for Bonelli to come down with it. Can easily create separation and find holes in the defense. Sure handed wideout that can come down with the ball in heavy traffic. Definitely not afraid to go over the middle and catch a pass. Can take a screen play deep into enemy territory. Despite his size, he is strong and a load to bring down, so defenders need to bring help. Can run the ball as well as he can catch it. Gives us Percy Harvin vibes in that sense.

Bonelli is a member of the 7v7 team, Impact Athletes, and teammate of CJ Goldsby Jr, Conrad Hussey, Blake Murphy, Jacob Cashion and Isaiah Hardge who we have previously written on, which is a first year organization that is coached by Ron Hardge. The more film I watch on this group, the more I believe they will take center stage in the 7v7 circuit and run the table!


Twitter: @BonelliJaylen

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