Player Spotlight: Quinton Daniels C/O ’22 Outside Linebacker

Quinton Daniels is a rising senior that plays for Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Florida.

Daniels plays on defense for the Hurricanes, seeing time at outside linebacker for the program.

Standing at 6’1, 205 pounds, Daniels already has solid size for the position, with plenty of time to grow.

Daniels and the Hurricanes had a shortened season, due to the effects of Covid-19.

“I feel like we may not have had the chance to see who we really were this year,” Daniels said. “We were only able to play six games due to Covid-19, and I feel we may not have gotten much of a fair chance as a result.”

While his junior season may not have gone the way that he or his teammates anticipated, he still played well individually, racking up a ton of stats along the way.

Daniels would grab 44 tackles on the year, but the truly amazing stat, is that he made 14 tackles for loss, in only 6 games! He would also add 3 forced fumbles to his resume’.

In the passing game, Daniels harrassed opposing quarterbacks all year, adding 7 sacks and 10 quarterback hurries to the stat sheet, to go along with 3 PBU’s.

What can’t he do?!

In the weight-room, Daniels takes car of business as well, as he has a current squat max of 445 pounds and a bench press max of 275 pounds with a 235 pound clean max.

In the forty-yard-dash, Daniels runs a 4.72, has a broad jump of 9 feet and a vertical of 30″!

Aside from his impressive weight-room numbers, and his obvious dominance on the field, Daniels knows he has to separate himself from other players.

I feel like a big thing about me that separates me from others, is my ability to persevere,” Daniels said. “I also am willing to fight for everything, and I do so on every snap.”

Daniels most impressive stat of all could possibly be his GPA. In the classroom, he has a 3.857, which is more than enough to qualify him for several colleges at the next level. I cannot wait to see where he ends up next year!


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