Player Profile: Jaydn Dacosta C/O ’24 Wideout/Defensive Back

Jaydn Dacosta: 5’9 135 Wideout/Defensive Back
As a defender, does a great job at reading plays, as shown by his pick six. Has the speed to take an interception the distance. Does a great job at high-pointing the ball on interceptions. Plays well in coverage. Does a great job of wrapping up and making tackles.

Offensively used in several ways due to his speed and versatility. Is fast and quick enough to take a jet sweep for a touchdown, and physical enough to line up out wide and go get a pass in tight coverage. Was a touchdown machine in his freshman season, scoring on both offense and defense several times. Has the speed and quickness to line up at slot as well. Not afraid to climb the ladder and catch a pass in coverage. Has the speed to blow past defenders as if they are standing still. Does a great job running routes and finding the open space on the field. Fights for extra yardage every play. Does not go down on first contact. Can also field kickoffs and return if necessary.

Dacosta is a baller and we think he will do great things over the next few years in high school, and eventually be a big-time recruit!


Twitter: @JaydnDacosta5

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