Player Profile: Jordan Mays C/O ’22 Linebacker

Jordan Mays: 6’0 225 Linebacker
The first thing that you notice about Mays when you cut on the tape, is that he has a high-motor and relentlessly chases the quarterback. Even in double team situations, Mays is still able to use a spin move to get to the quarterback. Mays plays sideline to sideline and will run a play down from the other side if needed. He bullies opposing blockers as if they are not even there and lays crushing hits on opposing ballcarriers. Fast enough to track down a tailback from behind. Reads plays well and does not get tricked with eye candy. Great size and rangy. Hard-hitter and brings a lot of force on tackles and causes fumbles. Dominant whether he lines up at defensive end or at linebacker. Causes fear in any offense that he faces. Takes on offensive lineman and tosses them aside like rag dolls. Great in one-on-one tackling situations. Great run-stuffing linebacker, even in goal line situations.

Mays will continue to dominate in his senior year, and we do not see offenses having an answer for him. Will certainly be a player to keep an eye out for in the state of Texas, and we believe he will do big things!


Twitter: @JordanMays32

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