Player Profile: Brysen Barrios C/O ’23 Tailback/Defensive Back/Athlete

Brysen Barrios: 5’6 160 Tailback/Defensive Back/Athlete
Barrios has great vision when running the ball from the tailback position. Despite his size, he is a very powerful runner. Has great speed that helps him blow past defenders. Explosive burst out of the backfield. Does a great job reading holes and finding open space. Has the ability to score in short-yardage situations, but can also string off a 90 yard run untouched. Explosive playmaker that gives defenses fits. Does not go down on the first hit. Has the ability to cut back across field to extend plays for his offense. A touchdown machine that can score at any point in the game. Has great agility and can cut on a dime to make a defender miss.

A hard-hitter on defense and special teams. Throws his entire body into opposing players. A sure tackler that does not allow bigger players get past him. Not afraid to come up and help in run support. Uses his 4.59 speed to fly to the ball every play. Sheds opposing blockers to make tackles. Will come up and make tackles on players much bigger than him. Great in coverage and will go up and get the interception. A ballhawk at safety, Barrios plays like a centerfielder plucking the ball out of the sky.

Barrios is a true athlete in every sense of the word. We previously featured him in an article in his Player Spotlight. While some schools may shy away from him due to his size, they will likely kick themselves later for not pursuing his talents and abilities. Will be a great player in the next couple of years in high school and we are excited to see where he will end up!


Twitter: @Brysen_Barrios

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