Player Spotlight: Isaiah Sweetwine C/O ’20 Combo Guard: SIGNED Trinidad State

Isaiah Sweetwine is a current NAIA transfer that is looking for a new home to play next season. He has most recently played for the University of Saint Mary.

In his career, Sweetwine has been known to play both the shooting and point guard positions, and that is what he is listed as for the Spires.

Standing at 6’3, 170 pounds, Sweetwine reminds us of a young Steph Curry with his frame, but can add to it as needed.

While his season did not end the way that he may have wanted it to, Sweetwine feels you cannot put a price on the things that he learned while at Saint Mary.

“This season, we did not win as many games as I though we could,” Sweetwine said. “I enjoyed the experience of being at Saint Mary, however. I feel like I got better as a player, and I became a better man through it all. I am excited to find a new home to grow at.”

There are thousands of players in the country that are looking for a place to play ball, but Sweetwine does things the proper way, to ensure he is a player coaches want!

“What makes me standout is that I am a winner, and I have the ability to make winning plays,” Sweetwine said. “Coming out of high school, our team won 25+ games in a row. We also won the state championship at the highest level in Colorado in 2019.

In 2020, we were shut down by Covid-19, just as we made it to the final four. I feel I am as coachable as they come. I can be coached hard and I will play hard for my coaches and my teammates. I only want to win and I will sacrifice everything to do so.

“I am also a tough player that can be a great addition to any program because I bring competitiveness and intensity to help the team get to the next level, and to keep them motivated at all times.”

Wow, sounds like Sweetwine has the juice!

A prospect that truly embodies the ability to take care of the student side of the student-athlete, Sweetwine has a current GPA of 3.4 in the classroom, which can open up doors for him to find a new home easily!

Sweetwine is another prospect that we have written on with our new partner, NSA Prospects, which is a wonderful company that helps hoopers gain attention from college coaches. To date, they have had a hand in assisting 72 players sign to play at the next level, in just under two years. For contact information, their Twitter is @nsaprospects.

Twitter: @king_zae25

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