Player Spotlight: Leonard Jefferson C/O ’22 Offensive Line/Defensive Line

Leonard Jefferson is rising senior for St. Bernard High School out of Inglewood, California.

Jefferson is a two-way player in the trenches for the Vikings, seeing time as an offensive guard and offensive tackle on the offensive side of the ball, as well as a defensive end and defensive tackle on defense.

Already a player that has great size, Jefferson currently stands at 6’4, 290 pounds, and he has nearly a year left to add more to that size!

With his size and versatility, Jefferson could easily move into any of the four positions at the next level!

In the weight-room, Jefferson takes care of business with his squat max being 425 pounds and a bench press max of 290 pounds, to go along with his power clean max of 245!

Jefferson knows he has to do things to make himself standout so that he can make it to the college level to play football, and he does just that with what he is able to do!

“I feel like I have great quickness,” Jefferson said. “I also have the size to play at the next level to go along with the aggressiveness. I put forth the effort on every play to get things done, and I am in shape enough to play where I am needed.”

In the classroom, Jefferson takes care of his business as well, as he has a current GPA of 3.0, which is good enough for many schools to accept him!


Twitter: @leonard54_

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