Hooper Spotlight: Ethan Hodgens C/O ’21 Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Ethan Hodgens is a sensational senior athlete out of Okemah High School out of Okemah, Oklahoma.

Hodgens plays both shooting guard and point guard for the Panthers, and is looking to play either position, or both at the next level.

Standing at 6’3, 180 pounds, Hodgens has the size to play at the next level, and could fit in either role nicely.

While Hodgens and his team faced adversity early and often in his final season, he still feels as though they played well together.

“Coming into the season, as a team, we had a ton of adversity to deal with early on,” Hodgens said. “We started the season late, and without practice, so that allowed for people to not have very much faith in us.

“Although OSSAA took five wins from us due to an eligibility incident, we were still able to finish the season with a winning record. We went on to win the conference championship, but we fell two games short of winning the state championship.”

It sounds as though Hodgens is no stranger to adversity, something that could help him in his collegiate journey.

As a player, Hodgens knows that it is important to be able to separate himself from other players in the country, and he works tirelessly to do just that.

“I feel like I bring a lot of energy to the table,” Hodgens said. “Neither height nor hype from an opposing player can scare me. I feel like I can knockdown shots from anywhere on the floor, as well as find the open man through a peephole.

“I also have a long reach, and that, along with my height, is what allows for me to be the defender that I am, out on the perimeter, as well as inside the paint.”

It sounds like Hodgens has the juice, he just needs a place to take his talents for the next few years in college!

Speaking of college, Hodgens is a kid that coaches will not have to worry about in the classroom, as he has a current GPA of 3.7, which could qualify him for many schools!”

Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/profile/13944930/Ethan-Jade-Hodgens

Twitter: @TheReal_EasyE

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