Hooper Profile: Ethan Hodgens C/O ’21 Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Ethan Hodgens: 6’3, 180 Shooting Guard/Point Guard
When you turn on the tape of Hodgens, you immediately notice his elite passing abilities and his overall court vision. Has the ability to take a shot in heavy traffic. Not afraid to drive to the hole against bigger players. Can shoot from several feet beyond the three-point line and drain it with ease. Great defender that can take a steal and turn it into points. Has phenomenal shooting ability from the three-point line. Has great speed and athleticism. Possesses great awareness and can shoot from anywhere on the floor.

Hodgens is the type of player that can become a game-changer with any program that he attends. He possesses the innate ability to take over games, and does not shy away from multiple defenders in his face when he takes shots. He plays defense well and has phenomenal passing abilities that is sometimes more elite than his teammates can handle. Certainly a player that will be great wherever he lands!

Checkout his Player Spotlight that we did on him as well!

Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/profile/13944930/Ethan-Jade-Hodgens

Twitter: @TheReal_EasyE

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