Player Spotlight: Tyler Burch C/O ’24 Safety

Tyler Burch is a phenomenal freshman football player for Dutchtown High School out of Hampton, Georgia, and is the teammate of Jordan Hill, who we have previously written on.

Burch is a safety on defense for the Bulldogs and is looking to fill a gap that a few seniors will be leaving behind next fall.

While only a freshman, Burch was still able to manage starting in five games, and during that time, he was able to become lettered.

“I am working very hard this off-season to become a full-time starter,” Burch said. “I am working to get both stronger and faster, and I have also been invited to and attended several all-star camps, where I walked away with some awards.”

Standing at 5’8, 165 pounds, Burch already has solid size for his age, and still has several years to grow even more!

Burch knows that his talents are not the only thing that can get him to the next level, so he continues to work to separate himself from other players.

“I love physical contact,” Burch said. “To me, it is the best part of the game. My attitude is also something that helps me to standout as a player.

I have learned many lessons involving succession perseverance and dedication throughout my 15 years as well as had many experiences. I know what I want and what it takes to get there.”

Burch has a quote that he would like to share that is something that he lives by.

“Doubt is the greatest salesman there ever was, he gets up every day and knocks on your door just to sell you on the lie that you aren’t good enough”-Billy Alsbrooks

The classroom is likely where Burch impresses the most, as he is starting off his academic career the correct way, with his 4.0 in the classroom already, while taking Honors Classes in the Gifted Program!

We are excited to see the continued progression for Burch, and we feel he is the type of player that will have his offers pour in over the coming years!


Twitter: @TylerBurch2024

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