Player Profile: Daniel Knight C/O ’23 Tailback

Daniel Knight: 5’9 175 Tailback
When you look at the tape of the sensational sophomore, you can already tell that while he is young, he is a leader on the field. Has great awareness and field vision. A great safety net for his quarterback on passing downs. A strong runner that can also cut on a dime when necessary. Has the versatility to line up at slot, in addition to his tailback spot. Rarely goes down on first contact, despite his size. Fights for extra yards on every play. Excellent in pass-blocking situations as he works relentlessly to keep his quarterback untouched. Reads the holes well and attacks them with power, often times dragging defenders for extra yards with him. Catches passes very well out of the backfield and helps his team move the chains as a receiver, in addition to a runner. With him on the field, it is like having an extra receiver on passing downs.

While his sophomore season may not have gone as anticipated, with Covid pushing the season to the spring, we feel that Knight will be a player to watch in the coming years. He has all the tools that make a tailback successful at any level; he runs the ball well, he can catch passes and he stands in and blocks on passing downs. We look for Knight to have a stellar junior season that will turn some heads, as well as bring in some offers for the highly talented ballplayer!


Twitter: @Daniel_k1212

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