Player Profile: Jack Darlington C/O ’22 Offensive Tackle

Jack Darlington: Offensive Tackle 6’4 280
When you turn on the tape of Darlington, you can immediately see that he is a strong, powerful football player. Drives the defender and does not stop until the whistle blows, even if it means driving him 20 yards down the field. Has quick hands and feet that allows him to put hands on the defender, and once he does, the player is often out of the play entirely. Has the speed to climb to the secondary on plays that he pulls and can cause havoc for potential tacklers there. Drives his feet very well and ensures that his man does not make any plays. Has the strength to toss defenders as if they were not even on his level. Has the athleticism and the ability to get up field and find extra work and is able to beat smaller, quicker defenders.

Darlington is a force on the offensive line. He possesses a lot of things that coaches like to see, and his effort is always there on every play. He is a player to watch next fall, as we believe that his senior season will be a sensational one. He already holds an offer from Air Force, but we feel as though he will start to see the offers roll in, as the dead periods are being lifted.

We also wrote a Player Spotlight article on Darlington, featuring insights and info about the playmaker. That can be found here.


Twitter: @jackrdar

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