Player Spotlight: Hunter Adams C/O ’23 Linebacker/Tight End

Hunter Adams is a sensational sophomore athlete out of Flowery Branch High School in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Adams plays on both sides of the ball for the Falcons, seeing time as a Tight End on offense, and as a Linebacker on defense.

Standing at 6’2, 205 pounds, Adams already has great size as a young player, and he still has two years to add to that frame before all is said and done!

With limited reps last fall due to Covid-19 and youth, Adams looks to make a splash this fall and put his name on the map.

“I’m very excited to get to play next season,” Adams said. “Last season brought so much uncertainty and we did not think that we would have a season. This year, it seems more certain that we will, and we can prepare as such.

“I am really looking forward to standing out next year, and showcasing my abilities to help my team both succeed, and improve from last year.”

Adams also knows and understands that in order to take himself to the collegiate level, he has to separate himself from other players.

“I think that my abilities allow for me to change the game,” Adams said. “I am not just speaking from an athletic standpoint. I can also change the game from a leadership aspect as well. I lead us when guys are hanging their heads, and I also hype the team up.”

Sounds as though Adams has the tools to take his team to great heights!

Adams recently competed as a linebacker at the Compete24 camp that was held at Hillgrove High School in Atlanta on April 17.

Adams also puts up impressive measurables, with his squat max at 435 pounds, a bench press max of 245 pounds, and power clean of 240 pounds and he runs a 4.8 in the forty!

While those numbers are impressive, the most impressive number about Adams is his GPA. With a 3.6 in the classroom, he is proving that his truly embodies being a student-athlete!

Given his GPA and his all of the other things that Adams possesses, he has already earned the first offer of many to come from Georgia Storm Prep. Look for more big things to come from this standout athlete!


Twitter: @HunterA46470489

Published by Zane Rowland

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