Player Profile: Hunter Adams C/O ’23 Linebacker/Tight End

Hunter Adams: 6’2 205 Linebacker/Tight End
When you turn on the tape, you can immediately see that Adams is an instinctive football player. Strong, physical player that makes big plays on the ball. Reads plays well and does not get fooled often. Sheds potential blockers with ease to make the play. Reads plays well and attacks the ballcarrier. Can force turnovers when needed to help get his offense the ball back. Makes big plays and does not get fooled by eye candy. Very consistent tackler that hardly ever misses the ballcarrier.

Adams is a great player on defense and can do special things at linebacker. He is only a sophomore, but he plays as if he is a junior or a senior. While he did not get as much experience as he would have liked due to Covid, we feel as though Adams will do special things in his next two seasons at linebacker. Look for big things to come from this talented young man!

Adams recently competed as a linebacker at the Compete24 camp that was held at Hillgrove High School in Atlanta on April 17.

We also wrote an article on Adams in our Player Spotlight format, that brings more of an understanding to who he is as a player and as a person. That article can be found here.


Twitter: @HunterA46470489

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