Camp Spotlight: Compete24

Compete24 is hosted by Chris Bonner, who is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and went to The Ohio State University, where he studied Sport Administration and minored in Business. A former high school coach, Bonner knew he wanted to stay connected to sports and recruiting, so he decided to combine them and created Compete24.

“Our model is to be better than you were the day before,” Bonner said. “Compete24 is all about being able to grow and being better than you were before, from the time you wake up, what and how you eat and who you spend your time with in the 24 hours you are given each day.”

As quoted from their website, “Compete24 is home of the #1 Football camp series in America, and the ultimate recruiting event for High School Football student athletes. The Compete24 camp series is designed to help gain recruiting exposure, improve skill, make connections, and also have an opportunity to be invited to top recruiting camps across the country. Compete24 camp series is ran by former Division 1 and professional athletes who will provide high quality professional drill and technique instruction.”

The Recruit Database was able to attend the Compete24 camp held at Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs, Georgia, on April 17, 2021. Over 100 athletes attended the camp, and they represented 11 different states!

Once participants were registered, campers lined up to get their photo taken for camp pictures, and then proceeded to head to the field, where Coach Chris gathered the players and began giving them insights and info about the game of football that can be seen here.

After a few moments of mentoring athletes about football, and how they can get themselves to play at the collegiate level, the camp began with some warm-up’s and stretching before heading into the drills.

Players could be seen running the forty-yard-dash, as well as working the 5-10-5 drill and the L-Drill, which are common drills that are also ran at the NFL Combine. The 40 was laser timed, by a company called Pacesetters Sports.

Highlights from the forty-yard-dash can be seen here, and one of the fastest players to run the 40 was Zion Bouie for the Bainbridge Bearcats. Bouie was named one of the top defensive backs for his performance at the camp.

Players also participated in Indy drills, where they were able to learn from coaches, as well as display what they are able to do at their respective positions. Insights from some of the Indy drills can be found here.

At the completion of the Indy drills, the athletes were able to put their abilities on display in 1-on-1 situations. Several campers were able to show great things in 1-on-1’s, and Briyar Powers of Pebblebrook High School put on a show!

Several players walked away with MVP awards, as well as being some of the top performers at the camp.

Camp MVP: Briyar Powers
Defensive Back MVP: Emmanuel Cheatham
Top DB’s: Justin Alexander Zion Bouie
Wideout MVP: Briyar Powers
Top Wideout: Don Hill
Defensive Lineman MVP: Renardo Lewis
Offensive Lineman MVP: Johnnie Brown
Top OL: Brian Williams Jr
Quarterback MVP: Matthew Traynor
Tailback MVP: Sidarius Walker
Linebacker MVP: Zion Rutledge
Athlete MVP: Xavian Grant

Camp Highlights:

1on1’s Highlights:

Player Interviews:

Player Interviews:

Player Interviews:

Compete24 did a wonderful job from start to finish with the camp they they produced. Everything was done in an orderly fashion, and no time was wasted, as Coach Chris and his staff stayed on their time schedule all afternoon. The environment was very family friendly, and the coaches did a wonderful job of preparing and mentoring the athletes.

For future camp information and how you can attend a Compete24 camp, please contact them via Twitter or their website. For information on Pacesetters Sports, contact them on their Twitter.

If you or your organization would like for The Recruit Database to come out to your events, practices or games for media coverage, please contact us on Twitter!

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