Player Profile: Matt Kelley C/O ’23 Right Tackle/Defensive Tackle

Matt Kelley: 6’4 325 Right Tackle/Defensive Tackle
When you turn the film on for Matt Kelley, you immediately notice the presence he has on the football field. While he may be just a sophomore, he already has great size to play in the trenches, and still has a couple years left to grow. He takes on the double team well, and has the strength and power to push through and still make the tackle. A dominating player on the defensive side of the ball, it is hard for opposing offensive lineman to block him and keep him out of the backfield. Even on plays where it seems he is out of the play entirely, Kelley still manages to find a way to bring the ballcarrier down. Routinely makes plays with one arm while taking on blocks with the other arm. On offense, Kelley brings that same power and strength as he mows over defenders with ease. Does a great job of clearing his key and opening holes for his offense. Very strong and powerful and plays to the whistle when blocking a defender.

Kelley has huge upside, being that he already is the size of some players at the next level, while only being in the tenth grade. Can play both sides of the ball well, and it will be interesting to see which side he is recruited as the most before his high school career is over and done with!


Twitter: @MattKelleyMCA75

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