Hooper Profile: Yafet Haile C/O ’21 Forward

Yafet Haile: 6’9 220 Forward
Looking at the tape of Haile, you can see that he is a great defender. Does well with holding his own against potential scorers from opposing offenses. Gets boards and clears them with ease. Very lengthy player with long arms that allow him to pluck the ball out of the air, despite opposing players chasing the rebound as well. Very strong and powerful when grabbing rebounds. Has the mentality that every time the ball is in the air, it is his to come down with. Has great court vision and is aware of where his teammates are positionally, so that he can get the ball to them, to create scoring opportunities. Has the ability to knockdown a three-pointer, and do so with ease. Very quick with his ability to see the open man and dish it to them before the defense can react. Great finisher when driving to the hole. Hustles on every play and uses his body to make great plays. His 7’0 wing span allows for him to make blocks with ease. Does a great job of getting boards on both ends of the floor. Does well on free throw-shooting as well. Has the awareness to make fluid passes, despite heavy traffic around him.

We also recently wrote on Haile in our Hooper Spotlight package, which further details him as a person, and as an athlete. After watching his film, it is evident that Haile is a force on the hardwood, and definitely an athlete that should be on the radar of several programs at the next level. It will be interesting to see where he ends up!

Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPFUQbdkVVg&feature=youtu.be

Twitter: @YAF_Haile

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