Player Spotlight: Chase Thornton C/O ’22 Quarterback

Chase Thornton is a sensational football player that is formerly Of Beaver Falls High School, and is now playing at Advance Prep Academy.

Thornton certainly looks the part of a quarterback, as he stands at 6’5, 225 pounds, drawing size comparisons to that of future Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning.

No stranger to adversity, Thornton’s high school career had many speed bumps in the road, for an otherwise obviously talented football player.

“I did not get to play my senior year due to Covid,” Thornton said. “What is worse, is that I had to sit out half of my junior season due to a transfer rule, so I missed big parts of my high school playing career.

“With that being said, I still feel as though I played well against some of the toughest competition we saw in my junior season. I feel like it showed a lot of who I am.”

Thornton would finish his junior year with 677 yards passing with 8 touchdowns, as well as a 63% completion percentage.

While he did get some solid stats in those games, Thornton knows that with those years missing on his resume’, that he has to have other things that make him different than other players in the recruiting game.

“I feel like I am just a natural leader,” Thornton said. “I am the first one to the facilities, and I am also the last one to leave them. I also have a high football IQ, and I am able to sit in the pocket and make plays with my arm, and athletic enough to use my feet when needed.”

Like most other players, Thornton has a driving force for why he plays the game, and that keeps him going.

“I have always loved the game,” Thornton said. “What drives me, is the fact that for those few hours on the field, nothing else in the world matters. I can escape to it. I also like the fact that this game can provide things, such as an education.

“Getting an education, while playing the game that I love, that just sweetens the deal. I also did not come from the best of environments, so I know that I have a chance to change that. I feel very motivated to prove any doubters wrong and make a name for myself.”

Thornton is another player that we have written on with our new partner, Post Grad Recruits. According to their Twitter profile, “We provide Post Grad student athletes a platform to build a athletic and academic resume, which provides them a opportunity to connect with college coaches!” This is certainly a great resource for players that are in search of this type of platform!

If you are interested in recruiting Thornton and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!


Twitter: @chase_xii

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