Player Spotlight: Lawson Weddington C/O ’22 Wideout/Corner/Safety

Lawson Weddington is a rising senior athlete for Pope High School, based out of Marietta, Georgia, and he is a dual-sport athlete, as he is also a basketball player.

For his time on the gridiron with the Greyhounds, Weddington can be seen all over the field, as he plays wideout on offense, corner and safety on defense, and he is also the return man on punt return!

Standing at 6’2, 195 pounds Weddington has the size to fill in nicely at each of these positions at the next level, if that is afforded to him.

Away from the field, Weddington can also put up some impressive numbers, with his forty-yard-dash time being at a 4.58, his vertical being a 37 and his squat max being 385!

With his junior season being his first season of ever playing football, he did not get as much film, but the ceiling is high for this dynamic playmaker.

“I played most of my time on JV last year, with it being my first time playing,” Weddington said. “I was able to gain some experience and learn about the game there. I did not give up any touchdowns, and the one game I played on varsity, I allowed zero catches.”

While every player has to have things in their toolbox to standout, Weddington is no different, despite only playing one season.

“I have the alpha male mentality,” Weddington said. “I also feel as though my athleticism helps me out, as well as my instincts.”

What drives players is usually what carries them to be successful, or unsuccessful in their sport. Weddington has seen success from his family members in what they could do on the football field, and that drives him to be able to do the same.

“Many of my family members have played football at the professional level,” Weddington said. “Matt Forte, Alec Ogletree and Andrew Adams are my family members. I am close enough to call anyone of them and they will answer.

“I currently workout with Andrew and have worked with Alec in the past as well. I want to be better than all of them. That is what drives me!”

With the size that he has, and the athleticism to be able to succeed in his first year on the field, look for Weddington to turn some heads this fall for Pope High School!

Twitter: @LawsonWeddingt1

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