Player Spotlight: Ravon Johnson C/O ’23 Defensive End/Linebacker/Tight End

Ravon Johnson is a sensational sophomore athlete out of Meadowcreek High School out of Norcross, Georgia, in the highest classification in the state, which is 7A football.

Johnson plays on both sides of the ball for the Mustangs, as he sees time as a tight end on offense, and as a defensive end and linebacker of the defensive side of the ball.

As versatile as he is on the football field, he is just as versatile in other sports, as he plays basketball as well for the Mustangs.

Standing at 6’5, 220 pounds, Johnson could easily slide into any of the positions that he plays at the collegiate level.

Despite being his size, Johnson really can move, as he runs a 4.6 in the forty-yard-dash already, with over two years to get even faster!

Johnson has a lot to prove in his junior campaign, as he feels as though he is a bit of an underdog, and will play with a chip on his shoulder.

“I am very excited for this season,” Johnson said. “I feel like I am very overlooked, and I also feel like I am underrated, but i plan on changing that assumption very quickly!”

Every player has certain things that makes them standout above others, and Johnson is no different, as he works relentlessly to separate himself from other athletes.

“I feel like my size, combined with my speed is huge for me,” Johnson said. “I come flying off the edge with blazing speed and violent hands, and that frustrates my opponents, as well as keeps them guessing what my next move will be.”

All athletes have a why for what they do, and Johnson’s why is dear to his heart, and is what drives him to be the best, every day.

“My why for playing the game is for my family, and my loved ones that have passed on,” Johnson said. “I do it for them each time I lace it up, whether it is a game or a practice, I am out there for a reason.

“I believe in myself, and I feel as though that I will be one of the top players in my class, by the time my career in high school ends!”

He has already started heading in that direction, as he finished his spring game with 4 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 PBU’s on the field, as well as finishing the spring semester on the honor roll, and earning student of the month.

Johnson currently holds two offers, one from Coffeyville Community College, and the other being from Georgia Storm Prep, and we cannot wait to see where he ends up!

If you are interested in recruiting Johnson and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!


Twitter: @Ravon815

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