Player Spotlight: Colby Lewis C/O ’22 Tailback/Slot

Colby Lewis is a sensational senior athlete that plays for Sanger High School which is based out of Sanger, Texas.

Playing on the offensive side of the ball for the Indians, Lewis sees time at both the tailback position, as well as the slot position.

A multi-sport athlete for Sanger, Lewis also plays baseball, basketball, and is also a member for the track team!

What doesn’t this guy do?!

Standing at 5’8, 170 pounds, Lewis reminds us of Frank Gore Jr, son of future hall-of-famer Frank Gore, with his size.

Similar to Gore in his speed as well, Lewis is actually a couple of ticks faster, as he runs a 4.43 in the forty-yard-dash! He also has a max squat of 450 pounds, which is well over twice his weight, as well as a bench press of 240 pounds, and a broad jump of 10′!

Heading into his senior season, Lewis is excited about what he feels will be a great end to his career at that level.

“Champions Camp for my senior season is going great,” Lewis said. “I feel that I am definitely going to have a senior year to remember. All of my teammates are on board for the plan the coaches have for us, and they are working hard to get it done!”

Every player feels they have something that sets them apart from other players, and Lewis is no different.

“I feel like I have a strong work-ethic,” Lewis said. “I also do not give up against all the odds. “I am very coachable, and with that, I listen very well, I always want to learn and get the approval of coaches, and grow with any criticism.

“Aside from those things, I would say my speed. My first year on the varsity track team, I made it to state in the 200 meter in Texas. I was able to break both school records in the 100 meter with a 10.72 (10.9 previous) and 200 meter with a 21.66 (22.3 previous).”

While everyone plays for different reasons and is driven by different things, Lewis has his own reasons for what keeps him going in the game of football.

“Shoot, it has been all I have known for seventeen years,” Lewis said. “I have been playing since the first grade. I love watching my coaches get excited, and the fans and those in the town believing in us and the game of football.

“I love the challenge it brings. The hard work. The 5:30am practices. The brotherhood. The brothers and the family you gain from a shared passion. There is just nothing like it. I would have never met my best friend if not for this game!”

While what he does on the football field and in his other sports is impressive, the best stat line Lewis has put together is his GPA, which sits at a 3.8, which is more than enough to qualify him for many schools at the collegiate level!

With one offer from Bethel College, located in Kansas, and another from another from Hendrix College in Arkansas, we believe that Lewis will continue to reel them in for his senior year, and be great at the collegiate level!

If you are interested in recruiting Lewis and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!


Twitter: @ColbyLewis0

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