Player Profile: Colby Lewis C/O ’22 Tailback/Slot

Colby Lewis: 5’8, 170 Tailback/Slot
When you turn on the tape of Lewis, you can immediately see that he is a very patient runner from the backfield. Allows his blocks to setup before bursting through the hole. Does not go down on arm-tackles. Has the speed to outrun defenders and breakaway on long runs. Has the ability to read the defense and find the open space on the field, and attacks it very well. Very strong runner despite his size, and is not someone that goes down easily. Is a threat to score every time he touches the ball with his speed and vision. Can take a direct snap the distance, and has the speed and quickness to leave defensive backs behind. Is not afraid to throw a block on much bigger players, and helps put his teammates in better positions as a result. A very powerful runner that has a deadly stiff-arm. Has the ability to line up at slot and gets to the open space in the field. Has great hands and secures the catch well. Has the ability to tun what looks like a negative play into positive yardage. Does great with deep ball passes, often leaving the defenders behind. A very hard tackle for defenders to make, and very rarely goes down on initial contact.

Lewis is just a ballplayer. No matter where he is lined up on the field, he will make plays for his team. He has great vision and patience to be a runner, and he also has the ability to create separation when he is catching passes, and often turns them into big plays. He can also give eye candy while lining up at quarterback, and reads the defense well to know whether to keep it or hand it off. He can also play defense, and does a nice job in coverage and tracking ballcarriers. Lewis would be a great addition to any team, and we feel he will get some attention this fall from several programs!

We also wrote on Lewis in our Player Spotlight feature, which gives a more in-depth description of him as a player and person. That can be found here.

If you are interested in recruiting Lewis and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!


Twitter: @ColbyLewis0

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