Player Spotlight: Xavier Biggers C/O ’24 Defensive Back/Wideout

Xavier Biggers is a phenomenal freshman football player for Murray High School, which is based out of Murray, Kentucky.

Biggers plays on both sides of the ball for the Tigers, seeing time as a wideout on the offensive side of the ball, and as a defensive back on defense. During his freshman season, he was able to earn All-WKC Honors for his performance at defensive back!

A dual-sport athlete, Biggers is also a member of the track team at Murray, and his 4.56 in the forty-yard-dash reflects that. He also became the 200-meter dash champion for his high school’s region.

With a 32 inch vertical and a 6’2 wingspan, Biggers already has the tools you want in a player, and he has three years left in high school to continue to grow and get his numbers up even higher!

Biggers is looking forward to his sophomore campaign, and he sees big things for himself this fall.

“I am very excited for this season,” Biggers said. “I feel as though my sophomore season will be my coming out party.”

While that may be a goal of his, Biggers knows that he has to do things that will set him apart from other players in the country.

“I feel like a big thing that allows me to standout, is my ability to thrive while dealing with pressure,” Biggers said. “I am also a very team-oriented player, and I have a competitive spirit, with a ton of determination.”

For Biggers, the game is more than just X’s and O’s, and that is what allows him to play the game at such a high level, at an early age.

“I play this game, because it is fun, but it also challenges me,” Biggers said. “I also love the fact that I will have a lifelong brotherhood with these guys. That, along with the desire to just be the best is what drives me to play through anything that comes at me.”

With a 2.8 GPA in the classroom, Biggers already qualifies to play at the next level. While he does not have any offers to date, we feel that will change very soon!

If you are interested in recruiting Biggers and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!

Twitter: @xavierbiggers1

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