Soccer Spotlight: Jr Rowland C/O ’28 Goalkeeper

Jr Rowland(most viral film) is a rising sixth grader for the class of 2028 at Valdosta Middle School, which is based in Valdosta, Georgia.

Playing for the VLPRA youth league Valdosta team, known as the Golden Wasps, Rowland played in a few games before several rain delays prematurely ended his season.

In the first game of the season, Rowland was able to score his first goal of the year, while seeing time at forward. He also finished that game with 9 total saves in just one half of goalkeeper play, helping lead his team to an impressive 8-1 victory!

In game two, Rowland and his team traveled to Freedom Park to take on the defending champions in their region, but suffered a tough loss in the match. He would finish the game with 11 total saves in one half, in addition to 8 steals!

In game three, Rowland and his team had another home game in which he made 7 saves in one quarter of goalkeeper play, while also finishing the game with 6 saves in another tough loss for his unit.

While Rowland only played in three games, you can clearly see that he is the type of defender that can steal the ball for your team, as well as do great things from his goalkeeper position.

“I feel like we all gave great effort on the season,” Rowland said. “While things did not go that great for us, I think that our team gave all that we had in every game.”

Every player has certain intangibles and abilities that sets them apart from other players, and Rowland is no different.

“I give 100% every time I step on the field,” Rowland said. “Even when I go against players that could be better than me, I do not get intimidated and I still work hard.”

When times get going tough, Rowland has a motivation and a drive that keeps him going, and keeps his mind in check.

“Just the mindset that if I work as hard as I can, I can be great,” Rowland said. “Most people may quit when they face tough times, but I am not one of those people.”

In the classroom, Rowland handles himself well, making the Honor Roll on a consistent basis, as well as being recommended for the STEM Academy at Valdosta Middle School.

Look for Rowland to continue to do big things on the soccer field, as he will play again once the winter season comes back around!

If you are interested in recruiting Rowland and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!






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