Camp Spotlight: DynastyU


DynastyU is a social media recruiting platform for high school athletes, college coaches, and fans all bundled in one app. They teach athletes how to take charge of their own recruitment and build their own brand and they are giving them this opportunity for FREE.

In addition to the app, DynastyU has more recently partnered with one of the best trainers in the south, in ABX Performance, which is located in New Orleans. This partnership will host showcases that will feature some of the best athletes in the country.

The two organizations came together to host a showcase in the New Orleans area on July 11 and a few of the top players featured were Aaron Anderson (LSU commit), Jameian Buxton (Top-DL ’23), Caden Jones (Top-OT, LSU offer) and four-star Ryan Robinson.

One of the biggest reasons for the camp, was to gain exposure for some of the under-recruited athletes in the area, and to help them get their names out there. The camp was able to provide just that, with media coverage from local news, up to Sports Illustrated!

The top performers were Landon Ibeita (Miami Commit) who excels with his route running, Ronald “Champ” Lewis (Colorado Commit) a feisty DB with a knack for interceptions, three-star Kody Finley that has a rangy body and punishes smaller defenders, and lesser known Gerald Martin, that may have the best route-running ability around.

After the first successful camp for Dynasty U, look for more big things to come from this social media recruiting company in the future, as they continue to make a splash in the recruiting game and helping athletes to reach their dreams and goals.

If you are interested in contacting DynastyU to download their app or to participate in their future camps that they hold, reach out and follow them on Twitter @DynastyUrec !

Published by Zane Rowland

I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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