Player Spotlight: Jabari Ponders C/O ’22 Corner/Slot/Tailback

Jabari Ponders is a dynamic playmaker for Northeast Georgia Prep, which is based out of the Metropolitan Atlanta Region of the state of Georgia, and is the teammate of Jahleel Rivas, who we have previously written on.

Pnders plays on both sides of the ball for the Lions, as he sees time at tailback and slot receiver on offense, and he is a cornerback on the defensive side of the ball.

That versatility could partly be due to the fact that Ponders is a dual-sport athlete, having competed in track and field in high school.

His work on the track is evident, as he has been clocked in at running a 4.45 in the forty-yard-dash, and he has a squat max of 375 pounds, to go along with his power clean of 280!

Ponders is looking forward to having a big season this fall for the Lions, and while it has not yet started, he is liking what he has seen from the organization thus far.

NPGA is a well-founded program,” Ponders said. They really took care of us over the summer by providing a good place to sleep and good practice environments that trained the entire team to get better and prepare us for the next level.

“I feel as though I am very excited to showcase my talents on the field for the Lions, no matter where they put me.”

Every player has certain attributes and traits that allow for them to standout among their peers, and Ponders is no different.

“One thing that separates me, is that I am the fastest guy on any team that I am on,” Ponders said. “I also feel like I am very versatile, and that allows me to play several positions, and to do so at a high level. I am a pure playmaker anywhere on the field.”

Many players have a driving force to keep them motivated on and off the field to do great things, and Ponders’ reasons are close to home.

“My why for playing the game is purely to succeed,” Ponders said. “My family does not have the fund to get me to college, so for me to get to that level, I need to focus and give full effort both in the classroom, and on the football field.

“My family has never had anyone to attend college, so for me to set the standard is a big deal. I am a family man, and the future of our name rests on my shoulders, so I have to take us to new levels.”

In his senior season, which was Ponders first year playing corner, he finished with 12 PBU’s, which earned him Top-DB in the region and County Honorable Mention. On offense, he had 34 carries with 360 yards and 4 touchdowns, in addition to 25 receptions for 236 yards,.

Ponders also attended state for track and field in his senior season with a 10.9 in the 100m and a 22.4 in the 200m and a 53.1 in the 400m. He is also open to participating in track and field if that comes along.

If you are interested in recruiting Ponders and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!

Twitter: @JabariPonders

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