Player Spotlight: Corey Washington C/O ’22 Outside Linebacker/Safety/Corner

Corey Washington is a versatile athlete for Northeast Georgia Prep, which is based out of the Metropolitan Atlanta Region of the state of Georgia, and is the teammate of Jahleel Rivas and Jabari Ponders who we have previously written on.

Washington plays on the defensive side of the ball for the Lions, as he sees time at outside linebacker, safety and cornerback.

Standing at 6’1, 196 pounds, Washington has the size and versatility to play any of those positions at the next level.

Like the previous two Lions’ players, Washington has great speed, as he runs a 4.57 in the forty-yard-dash, and has an impressive squat max of 415 pounds!

Washington is looking forward to his post grad season with the Lions, and feels as though it will be a great one.

“I am excited for this group of guys,” Washington said. “Even though we are a new team, we have a lot of talent, and we are ready to come in and play ball.”

Every player has certain things that make them standout and separate them from other athletes, and Washington is no different.

“I think my football IQ is definitely something that separates me from other players,” Washington said. “I take film study very seriously and I feel that I am a student of the game in that way.”

During the tough times, Washington leans on his why for playing the game of football, and that gets him through it all.

“Coming from where I am from, we do not get many opportunities,” Washington said. “I want to have a chance to do something great, because not a lot of people do from where I am from in Columbus, Georgia.”

If you are interested in recruiting Washington and need information on him or any of the other players in our database, please contact us on Twitter @Recruit_Databse and we will be glad to forward any extra information on them!


Published by Zane Rowland

I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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