Player Spotlight: Jaeden Jackson C/O ’23 Defensive Line

Jaeden Jackson is a standout athlete for GW Long High School, which is based out of Skipperville, Alabama.

Jackson is one of the big men in the trenches for the Rebels, as he sees time on the defensive side of the ball at defensive line.

A dual-sport athlete, Jackson is also a member of the Rebels baseball team, playing as a first basemen, designated hitter and as a right-handed pitcher. Not bad for a guy that is 6’1.5, 267 pounds!

With great size comes great strength, well, at least that is the case for Jackson, as his weight-room numbers are as big as he is! He currently squats 510 pounds, has a max bench of 405, and a power clean of 300 pounds!

After an amazing sophomore campaign, which saw Jackson make 43 tackles, 9 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, and 4 pass deflections, he certainly kept the stat-keeper busy all night, and looks to do even more this fall!

Jackson was able put up these numbers from his defensive tackle spot, despite seeing double and triple teams from opposing linemen in the team’s 3-4 defensive scheme.

“I look for an improvement this season in helping leading my Rebels football team,” Jackson said. “We want to contend for a 2A state title; that’s the goal. I also have to remember the classroom is the most important thing before I touch the field.”

With big-time stats come big-time accolades, as he is a Rivals 5-star athlete, Dex-Prep Elite Top-5 DL Nex-Gen All-American DL MVP, OL/DL All-American First-Team, Scout Trout #1 DL in class of 2023 VTO All-American DL and Prepzone 1st team All-Defense in Alabama.

Although Jackson did great things last fall, he is looking to build upon what he has done, and play eve better as he moves into the latter part of his high school career.

“I promised myself that the first thing I would improve, is my grades,” Jackson said. “I want to have a great work ethic on and off the field, so I want to improve in the classroom too. I also look forward to finding that extra gear on the football field and elevating myself.”

Besides his obvious size and strength, as well as his abilities, Jackson is the type of kid that can standout, no matter what he is doing.

“One thing is for sure, I am a lot quicker than I am given credit for,” Jackson said. “If you underestimate me, it will not be great for you. It is one thing to see me, it is another thing entirely to have to deal with me for four quarters because I bring the fire.

“Coach Freedie Roach saw me at the Nick Saban Camp and said my hands and quickness are great and it has also been reported that I am very powerful and strong, and my hits are ruthless on opposing teams.”

Every kid has a reason for why they play the game, and even though Jackson is a 5-star recruit, it is not always all business for the big man.

“I play the game because it is fun,” Jackson said. “I was told that if something is not fun, then to not do it, because that creates poor habits and unhappiness, which is not something I want to deal with.

I also do not take losing well, as that does not set well in my blood, so I take pride in what I do, and I do it well. I am driven from making something of myself, and sports teach me to be mentally tough, teaches life lessons, and to be responsible.”

Jackson has already earned offers from several big-time programs, with Liberty being his first offer, and Michigan being his first P5 offer, he also added South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, East Carolina, Mercer and Florida Atlantic.

He also has interest from several quality programs, such as Mississippi State, FSU, Auburn, Georgia Southern, Coastal Carolina, West Virginia, UCF, UAB, Troy, South Alabama, Princeton, Marshall, Tulane and Georgia State, with some even coming to his games.

While he has a lot of offers already and interest from a ton of other places, Jackson and his family plan to wait until after the season to take visits, to ensure he remains focused on what he needs to do this fall.

Wherever he ends up, Jackson is sure to shine and do big things for the program that he goes to at the college level!


Twitter: @BuggieJaeden

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