Player Spotlight: Gary Lee C/O ’19 Tailback/Slot/Cornerback

Gary Lee is a dynamic athlete that last played high school football in the 2018/2019 season and is looking for a place to play at the college level.

A versatile athlete, Lee is the type of player that could line up at tailback, or slot, and he can also play on the defensive side of the ball at cornerback.

Standing at 5’7, 180 pounds, Lee is a tad bit undersized, but that does not hold him back, as he made some good plays on his film in high school.

A versatile athlete on the gridiron spills over into other areas, as Lee was a multi-sport athlete in high school, as he played basketball, volleyball, and also ran track!

In the weight-room, he has a squat max of 325 pounds, a vertical of 38 inches, and a forty-yard-dash time of 4.56.

Lee likes to compare his game to that of Alvin Kamara, and likes the fact that he can be unpredictable from play to play, like Kamara can.

Due to having to make family moves during his junior and senior seasons, Lee was unable to be cleared to play those seasons, and has not seen the football field since he was a sophomore in high school, but that has not defeated him.

“I have always known that I had the talent and abilities for this game,” Lee said. “I fell in love with the sport a at a young age, but missing so much time, I have not found anyone to believe in me enough to take a chance on me.

“I have taken it as a life lesson, because sometimes things can go that way for you, and its is all about how you respond to it. They say the longer roads in life always lead to the most beautiful destinations, and I cannot wait to see where mine takes me!”

Lee’s last recorded GPA was at 2.87, and he feels like he is ready to get back into the game, and has a few post grad schools looking at him already!


Twitter: @young_fudge23

Published by Zane Rowland

I love sports and I love helping kids reach their goals and dreams!

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