Team Spotlight: MTI Prep-Gainesville

Head football coach Chris Morant

MTI Prep-Gainesville, based out of Gainesville, Florida, is the sister program of the 2019 national champions, MTI Prep-Pompano, in Pompano Beach, Florida. Both MTI schools are a part of the NPGAA, otherwise known as the National Post Grad Athletic Association.

The head coach of MTI Prep-Gainesville, otherwise known as the Bison, is Chris Morant, and we were fortunate to catch up with the head coach, who has his first year program currently sitting atop the most recently released NPGAA polls.

RD: What prompted you to go the post grad route for your coaching career?
CM: Opportunities to build programs and assist athletes build a strong resume was a big seller for me.

RD: Do you think that you will stay at that level for a long time?
CM: No, I feel as though that this is a stepping stone in my coaching career.

RD: What has it been like to coach at a post grad in relation to other levels? 
CM: I can say that there are a lot more administrative duties at this level, as well as athlete oversight and recruiting. As a coach, I am wearing a lot of hats at all times.

RD: How important are the assistant coaches in getting the program in the right direction?
CM: Important, however at this level, coaching staffs are developing as well. As long as coaches grow and stick to the plan, then they are a tremendous asset.

RD: Who is the leader on your team? How do they lead? 
CM: Everybody leads at different points. Depending on what is needed at the moment and who steps up during that time.

RD: Obviously, no coach looks to lose ball games and of course they prepare to win, but did you see yourself and team being this good and winning this many games early on?
CM: Our goal was to make sure we can compete at a higher level. If we can do that, we will win ball games. We tell our team you must impress that camera. Because you can not get this day back.

RD: You’ve just been ranked as the number two team, what does that mean to you? 
CM: Well actually, as of today, we have just been ranked as the number one team. It is a team effort, as everyone plays a part and has a role. 

RD: What does that say to potential recruits that may need to go the post grad route?
CM: If an athlete is not picked up for whatever reason, there’s another route and that’s post grad. Keep in mind, they still have to put in the work.

RD: Does it help you in recruiting being ranked so high? 
CM: Sometimes, as athletes do not know much about post grad. However, when they are presented another opportunity in a different way, they are usually hyped up about it.

RD: Who are some of your best player(s) on the offensive and defensive side of the ball?
CM: On defense, I would say Andre Parker, Eric Bankhead, Eldrin Arnold, Emmanuel Duron, Deonte McCuthen, Jukhri Mosley, Shamel Howard, AJ Rapp and Pernell Sylvester.
On offense, it would be Dywain Walton, JaDarious Blackshire, Amari Ward, Aritis Pearson, Timothy Jones, Thomas Williams, and Bushear TJ’ Jenkins.

RD: Are there any final words that you would like to leave us with for any potential recruits out there that may not be seeing the offers they feel they should?
CM: UCANMAKEIT When you trust the process.

It would certainly seem as though head coach Chris Morant has his team and staff on the right track. The question is, can they unseat MTI-Pompano and become the most recent MTI to be the national champions??

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