Hooper Spotlight: Zyhia Johnson C/O ’21 Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Zyhia Johnson is a lady hooper and a recent graduate of Clinch County High School, which is located in Homerville, Georgia. Johnson played both point guard and shooting guard for the Lady Panthers, and that is something she is looking to play at the next level. A multi-sport athlete, Johnson has played softball and baseballContinue reading “Hooper Spotlight: Zyhia Johnson C/O ’21 Point Guard/Shooting Guard”

Hooper Spotlight: Zoe Wiltz C/O ’21 Point Guard

Zoe Wiltz is a sensational senior basketball player for Lafayette Christian Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana. Wiltz is also the first ever female athlete we have written on! Wiltz is a point guard for her basketball team, the Lady Knights. She currently stands at 5’6, 140 pounds and is a force to be reckoned with onContinue reading “Hooper Spotlight: Zoe Wiltz C/O ’21 Point Guard”