Player Spotlight: Jace Snyder C/O ’22 Quarterback/Punter

Jace Snyder is a rising senior athlete for Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Phoenix, Arizona, and he is also the teammate of several players we have written on, including our Defensive Player of the Year, Blake Ware. Snyder plays on both offense, and special teams for the Eagles, seeing time as the quarterback and the punterContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Jace Snyder C/O ’22 Quarterback/Punter”

Player Spotlight: Nicholas Bastaja C/O ’21 Kicker/Punter SIGNED Ashland University

Nicholas Bastaja is a senior athlete for Saint Charles Prep out of Columbus, Ohio. Bastaja is a special teams guru, playing both punter and kicker for the Cardinals. In his final season with the team, Bastaja finished with 13/13 on PAT’s, capping off a career in which he had never missed a point after touchdown.Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Nicholas Bastaja C/O ’21 Kicker/Punter SIGNED Ashland University”

Player Spotlight: AJ Vinatieri C/O ’22 Kicker/Punter

AJ Vinatieri is a junior prospect out of Zionsville High School in Zionsville, Indiana. Vinatieri is a special teams player for the Eagles, playing both kicker and punter for the team. If the Vinatieri name sounds familiar, it’s because it is, as AJ is the son of one of the greatest kickers to ever playContinue reading “Player Spotlight: AJ Vinatieri C/O ’22 Kicker/Punter”

Player Spotlight: Jaden Harris C/O ’22 Cornerback/Linebacker/Punter/Wideout

Jaden Harris is a rising senior for Riverwood High School in Atlanta, Georgia, and he is also the teammate of Jonathan Brown, who we have previously written on. For the Raiders, Harris sees time at virtually every position on the field. On offense, Harris plays both wideout and tailback and on defense, he plays corner,Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Jaden Harris C/O ’22 Cornerback/Linebacker/Punter/Wideout”

Player Spotlight: Luis Morales C/O ’21 Kicker/Punter

Luis Morales is a dynamic kicker for New Hampstead High School in Bloomingdale, Georgia. In his senior season, the talented kicker was able to score a total of 44 points on the year. Of those points, he went 38/42 on PAT attempts for 90.47% on the year. Morales was also able to be perfect onContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Luis Morales C/O ’21 Kicker/Punter”

Player Spotlight: Christian Makanoeich C/O ’22 Kicker/Punter

Christian Makanoeich is a junior that plays for Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Arizona. Makanoeich is a kicker for the Eagles and is looking to help his team into a deep playoff run that started well last night. “I feel like we will put up a good fight as we move forward,” Makanoeich said.Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Christian Makanoeich C/O ’22 Kicker/Punter”

Player Spotlight: Garrett Dowdy C/O ’21 Punter/Wideout

Garrett Dowdy is a senior playmaker for the Georgia Christian Generals out of Dasher, Georgia. The 6’0 150-pounder plays both reserve quarterback and wideout for the Generals football team, as well as handling punting duties. When sophomore sensation Seth Copeland went down, Dowdy stepped in to help lead his team and to finish the game.Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Garrett Dowdy C/O ’21 Punter/Wideout”