Player Bio: Matthew Lewis-Bell Quarterback/Wideout

Athletic InformationName: Matthew Lewis-Bell Position: Wideout/Quarterback Height: 6’4 Weight: 195 40: 4.55 Bench: 245 Squat: 550 Power Clean: 285Film: Classroom InformationGPA: 3.4 SAT: 960 ACT: 18 Contact InformationTwitter: @Zay11__ Phone: 540-556-1987 Email:

Player Bio: Jack Poarch C/O ’22 Quarterback

Athletic InformationName: Jack Poarch Class: 2022 Position: Quarterback Height: 6’2 Weight: 19040 time: 4.7 Squat: 405 Bench: 300 Power clean: 225 2020: 1700 passing yards, 20 total touchdowns; All-County Honorable Mention Film: Classroom Information GPA: 4.0 ACT: 22 Contact Information Twitter: @jackpoarch Phone: 2564930386Email: Parent: Deleena Poarch Parent contact: 2059665427

Player Bio: Jayden Dooley C/O ’24 Quarterback

Athletic InformationName: Jayden Dooley Grad year: 2024 Position: Quarterback Team: Mountain View High SchoolHeight: 5’11 Film: Classroom Information GPA: 3.6 Core GPA: 3.5 Contact InformationTwitter: @Jaydendooley5 Head coach: John Poitevint Head coach cell: (678) 201-2496

Player Bio: Pacey DeLoach C/O ’22 Quarterback/Wideout

Athlete InformationName: Pacey DeLoach Class: 2022Position: Quarterback/Wideout Current Team: Fayetteville WolvesHeight: 6’3 Weight: 190 40 time: 4.75 Squat: 315 Bench: 195 Power Clean: 185 Deadlift: 425 Film: 2020 stats: 1009 passing yards 8 touchdowns Accolades: All-County Honorable Mention Multi-Sport AthleteBaseball: SS/RHPVelocity: 84 MPH Basketball: Point Guard/Shooting ForwardStats: 16 points per game Classroom InformationGPA: 3.4Continue reading “Player Bio: Pacey DeLoach C/O ’22 Quarterback/Wideout”

Player Bio: Elijah Kendrick C/O ’24 Quarterback

Athletic InformationName: Elijah Kendrick Class: 2024Position: Quarterback Height: 5’10 Weight: 170 40 time: 4.8 Squat: 365 Accolades: Chilton County Athlete of the Week-251 all purpose yards 4 touchdownsFilm : Classroom InformationCurrent Team: Isabella High SchoolGPA: 3.3 Contact InformationPhone: (205)-577-3192 Email: Twitter: @elijah_kendrick Parent contact: Jessica Chapman (205)-200-0509 Parent email:

Player Profile: Logan Lewis C/O ’23 Linebacker/Tailback/Quarterback

Logan Lewis: 6’1, 220 Quarterback/Tailback/LinebackerAfter turning on the tape of Lewis, you can immediately see that he has a strong arm, and is able to put the ball where he wants it. He is patient in the pocket and allows for plays to develop, while going through his reads. He has the size to handleContinue reading “Player Profile: Logan Lewis C/O ’23 Linebacker/Tailback/Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Logan Lewis C/O ’23 Linebacker/Tailback/Quarterback

Logan Lewis is a rising junior athlete athlete that plays for Sanger High School which is based out of Sanger, Texas, and is the younger brother and teammate of Colby Lewis, who we have previously written on. Like his older brother, Lewis is an athlete, but he plays on both sides of the ball forContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Logan Lewis C/O ’23 Linebacker/Tailback/Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Chase Thornton C/O ’22 Quarterback

Chase Thornton is a sensational football player that is formerly Of Beaver Falls High School, and is now playing at Advance Prep Academy. Thornton certainly looks the part of a quarterback, as he stands at 6’5, 225 pounds, drawing size comparisons to that of future Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning. No stranger to adversity,Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Chase Thornton C/O ’22 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Chase Silva C/O ’22 Quarterback

Chase Silva is a sensational football player formerly of Skyline High School in Longmont, Colorado. Silva played quarterback for the Falcons, and led his team to an impressive 23-8 record as a starter, in addition to passing for over 6,300 yards with 88 total touchdowns! Standing at 6’1, 200 pounds, Silva has the size toContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Chase Silva C/O ’22 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Jayden Thorpe C/O ’23 Quarterback/Athlete

Jayden Thorpe is a sensational sophomore athlete for Fort Knox High School in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Thorpe is an athletic playmaker with the ability to play several positions, but sees the most time at quarterback for the Eagles. Standing at 6’2, 185 pounds, Thorpe can easily slide into multiple positions at the next level, withContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Jayden Thorpe C/O ’23 Quarterback/Athlete”

Player Profile: Jacob Cashion C/O ’23 Quarterback

Jacob Cashion: 6’0 170 Quarterback At first glance of Cashion on tape, you can see that he does a great job of giving the defense eye candy, and then going over the top of them. Does a great job with ball placement, fitting passes between defenders in small windows. Also able to throw the deepContinue reading “Player Profile: Jacob Cashion C/O ’23 Quarterback”

Player Profile: Blake Murphy C/O ’23 Quarterback

Blake Murphy: 6’0, 175 Quarterback The first thing that you notice about Murphy’s tape, is that he is very instinctive, and has great vision a a runner. Strong, powerful ball-carrier on plays designed for him to run. Does not go down on first contact. Does a great job reading the defense and fighting for extraContinue reading “Player Profile: Blake Murphy C/O ’23 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Donte Lewis C/O ’24 Quarterback

Donte Lewis is a freshman phenom for Shadow Creek High School in Pearland, Texas, and is the younger brother of DeJuan Lewis, who we have previously written on. Standing just under 5’10, and weighing 150 pounds, Lewis has solid size as a freshman, with plenty of time to grow over the next few years. LewisContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Donte Lewis C/O ’24 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Travis Bennett C/O ’21 Quarterback

Travis Bennett is a sensational senior football player for Vista High School in Vista, California. Bennett is the starting quarterback for the Panthers, and is looking forward to having a great season starting this week. Due to the limitations brought on by Covid-19, the signal-caller and the rest of the Panthers were forced to missContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Travis Bennett C/O ’21 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Zareq Brown Quarterback Salt RiverScorpions

Zareq Brown is a special football player that recently signed with the Salt River Scorpions football team out of the Hohokam Junior College Athletic Conference. Brown has a unique story and journey that landed him with the Scorpions, and we were able to catch up with him, which wasn’t easy because he is fast (4.6Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Zareq Brown Quarterback Salt RiverScorpions”

Player Spotlight: Jace Snyder C/O ’22 Quarterback/Punter

Jace Snyder is a rising senior athlete for Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Phoenix, Arizona, and he is also the teammate of several players we have written on, including our Defensive Player of the Year, Blake Ware. Snyder plays on both offense, and special teams for the Eagles, seeing time as the quarterback and the punterContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Jace Snyder C/O ’22 Quarterback/Punter”

Player Spotlight: Carl-Andy Michel C/O ’22 Wideout/Quarterback/Athlete

Carl-Andy Michel is a dynamic athlete for Golden Gate High School out of Naples, Florida. The senior to be does it all for the Titans, as he lines up at quarterback and wideout, and is able to do several different things. Standing at 6’0, 175 pounds, Michel has the size to line up at eitherContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Carl-Andy Michel C/O ’22 Wideout/Quarterback/Athlete”

Player Spotlight: Cameron Gray C/O ’22 Quarterback/Athlete

Cameron Gray is an athletic playmaker for J. Frank Dobie High School in Houston, Texas. The talented junior is extremely versatile and while he is listed on the roster at quarterback, he plays various other positions as the team needs him to. Standing at 6’0, 185 pounds, Gray could easily fill in at a multitudeContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Cameron Gray C/O ’22 Quarterback/Athlete”

Player Spotlight: Eric McCrary Jr C/O ’21 Quarterback

Eric McCrary Jr is a sensational senior playmaker out of Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida. McCrary plays on offense for the Sharks, and he is the starting quarterback for the team. In only six games played this fall, McCrary was able to pass for 1,000 yards and 6 touchdowns, averaging just underContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Eric McCrary Jr C/O ’21 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Weston Lewis C/O ’21 Quarterback

Weston Lewis is a sensational senior prospect out of El Molino High School in Forestville, California. Lewis is the starting quarterback for the Lions football team. While his school has not had a season as of yet, he is hopeful that will change. “Given the workouts that we have had and the talent that isContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Weston Lewis C/O ’21 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Caleb Treadwell C/O ’21 Athlete SIGNED Lakeland University

Caleb Treadwell is an all-around playmaker for Hillcrest High School in Country Club, Illinois. The sensational senior does it all for the Hawks and is the epitome of what you would call an athlete. Treadwell has seen time at quarterback, wideout, slot, and defensive back in his high school career. Standing at 5’11, 190 pounds,Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Caleb Treadwell C/O ’21 Athlete SIGNED Lakeland University”

Player Spotlight: Jacurri Brown C/O ’22 Quarterback

Jacurri Brown is the starting quarterback for the Lowndes High School Vikings out of Valdosta, Georgia. Brown is also the teammate of another player that we have previously written on, Chase Belcher. Brown and Belcher connected to light up opposing defenses this past fall for nearly 500 yards and 6 touchdowns. Brown would finish hisContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Jacurri Brown C/O ’22 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Tyler Durst C/O ’22 Quarterback/Wideout/Defensive Back

Tyler Durst is a talented athlete out of Clear Lake High School out of Houston, Texas. Durst seemingly does it all for the Falcons, as he plays a multitude of positions. On offense, Durst lines up at quarterback and wideout and on defense, he is a corner. Durst lead his team in passing yards inContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Tyler Durst C/O ’22 Quarterback/Wideout/Defensive Back”

Player Spotlight: Kody Kirk C/O ’22 Quarterback

Kody Kirk is a dominant playmaker for Logan High School in Logan, Utah. Kirk is a quarterback for the Grizzlies, and he did not disappoint in his first season under center. On the season, Kirk would throw for just under 2,500 yards, and he averaged over 225 yards passing per game. Kirk would throw 20Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Kody Kirk C/O ’22 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Mikey Zele C/O ’21 Quarterback

Mikey Zele is a dynamic playmaker for Grace Brethren High School in Simi Valley, California. The sensational senior is a quarterback for the Lancers. Due to the restrictions of Covid-19, Zele has not yet played his senior season, but he hopes that he will still have a chance to do so. So far in hisContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Mikey Zele C/O ’21 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Cael Stewart C/O ’22 Quarterback

Cael Stewart is a junior quarterback for St. Johns High School in St. Johns, Arizona. The highly-touted quarterback tossed 18 touchdowns in the short six-game season that he played in. Despite the shortened season, Stewart walked away with very impressive accolades in the 2020 season. Stewart earned 1st Team All-State Honors at Quarterback, as wellContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Cael Stewart C/O ’22 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Dylan Witherspoon C/O ’22 Quarterback/Tailback/Wideout/Safety/CB

Dylan Witherspoon is an athlete in every sense of the word, and he plays for Windsor High School in Windsor, Missouri. For the Greyhounds, Witherspoon sees time at quarterback, wing-back, he is the starting wideout, he is the backup to an all-state tailback in his brother, Dalton, as well as playing at both safety positionsContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Dylan Witherspoon C/O ’22 Quarterback/Tailback/Wideout/Safety/CB”

Player Spotlight: Kenton Sargent C/O ’21 Quarterback

Kenton Sargent is a sensational senior quarterback for Windsor High School that we have previously written on. Though he played on a run-heavy offense, Sargent was still able to have a good year throwing the ball, as he finished the season with just under 2,000 yards passing and 28 touchdowns to just 5 INT’s thrown.Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Kenton Sargent C/O ’21 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Robbie Roper C/O ’22 Quarterback

Robbie Roper is a quarterback for Roswell High School in Roswell, Georgia. The rising senior had a phenomenal junior campaign that fell just short in the playoffs, but still finished by leading his team to an 8-3 record on the year. Roper’s final stats on the year included nearly 2,200 yards passing with 23 touchdownsContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Robbie Roper C/O ’22 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Tyrese Miller C/O ’22 Quarterback/Safety

Tyrese Miller is a talented athlete for the Waverly High School football team in Lansing Michigan. The rising senior plays both quarterback and strong safety for the Warriors, but has gotten his most action at safety. At safety, the junior was able to make three interceptions on the year, to go along with fifteen tackles.Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Tyrese Miller C/O ’22 Quarterback/Safety”

Player Spotlight: Marcus Oberriter C/O 2023 Quarterback

Marcus Oberriter is a sophomore sensation out of Holbrook High School in Holbrook, Arizona. The 5’8 150-pounder is not your average quarterback. Most freshman players hope to get a taste of the varsity level and just experience it. Oberriter quickly proved he is not your run of the mill athlete. In 2019, he won theContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Marcus Oberriter C/O 2023 Quarterback”

Player Spotlight: Mason Parker C/O ’22 Quarterback/Safety

Mason Parker is a super-athlete for Ringgold High School in Ringgold, Georgia. The talented junior plays on the baseball diamond, as well as the gridiron for football. On the baseball team, Parker sees time at shortstop, pitcher and third base. On the football field, he plays both quarterback and safety. What doesn’t he play wouldContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Mason Parker C/O ’22 Quarterback/Safety”