Athlete Bio: Aamir Al-muscular Transfer Wideout

Athlete InformationName: Aamir Al-muscular Position: Wideout Class: Transfer eligibleHeight: 5’9 Weight: 190 4ime: 4.5 Bench: 305 Squat: 455Film: Classroom InformationGPA: 3.3Transcript: Available upon request Contact InformationTwitter: @AamirAlmusawwir Phone: 510-239-6859 Email:

Player Bio: Jaurice Thompson C/O ’22 Cornerback/Safety

Athlete InformationName: Jaurice ThompsonPosition: Cornerback/Safety Class: 2022 Height: 6’0 Weight: 180 40: 4.48 Bench: 225 Squat: 405 Clean: 205 Film: Film: Classroom InformationGPA: 2.9 SAT: 1200 ACT: 19 Contact InformationTwitter: @JauriceThompson Phone: 352-459-5876 Email:

Player Bio: Daniel Bello C/O ’22 Tailback/Defensive Back

Athlete Information Name: Daniel Bello Position: Tailback/Defensive Back Class: 2022 Height: 5’11 Weight: 185 40 Time: 4.5 Bench: 285 Squat: 540 Clean: 275 Film: Academic Information GPA: 4.1 SAT: 1060 ACT: 19 Contact Information Twitter: @daniel_bell0 Phone: 407-668-5956 Email:

Player Bio: Desmond Newkirk Jr C/O ’22 Defensive Back

Athletic InformationName: Desmond Newkirk Jr Position: Defensive Back Class: 2022 Height: 6’0 Weight: 170 40: 4.49 Bench: 275 Squat: 405 Power Clean: 245 Film: Academic InformationGPA: 3.8 SAT: 940 ACT: 14 Contact InformationTwitter: @snipa1k Phone: 305-833-3663 Email:

Player Bio: Kevonte Dorris C/O ’22 Defensive Back

Athletic InformationName: Kevonte Dorris Class: 2022 Position: Defensive Back/Kick Returner Team: Birmingham Sports Academy Height: 6’0 Weight: 180 Film: Classroom InformationGPA: 3.0 ACT: 20 Contact InformationTwitter: @vontefromig Phone: 615-525-8979

Player Bio: Erick Crawford C/O ’23 Defensive Back/Wideout

Athletic InformationName: Erick Crawford Jr Position: Corner/Wideout Class: 2023 Height: 5’5 Weight: 162 40 time: 4.9 Bench: 225 Film: Squat: 300 Clean: 200 Classroom Information GPA: 3.2 Contact Information Twitter: @Erick_z7 Phone: 229-554-2662 Email:

Player Bio: Matthew Lewis-Bell Quarterback/Wideout

Athletic InformationName: Matthew Lewis-Bell Position: Wideout/Quarterback Height: 6’4 Weight: 195 40: 4.55 Bench: 245 Squat: 550 Power Clean: 285Film: Classroom InformationGPA: 3.4 SAT: 960 ACT: 18 Contact InformationTwitter: @Zay11__ Phone: 540-556-1987 Email:

Player Profile: Chandler Bradley C/O ’21 Transfer Portal Wideout/Athlete

Chandler Bradley: 5’11, 175 Wideout/AthleteLooking at the tape of Bradley, the first thing that you notice is his blazing fast speed. He has the ability to blow by a corner, and beat a safety, and be the fastest guy on the field at any time. Has great sideline awareness to keep his feet in boundsContinue reading “Player Profile: Chandler Bradley C/O ’21 Transfer Portal Wideout/Athlete”

Player Spotlight: Chandler Bradley C/O ’21 Transfer Portal Wideout/Athlete

Chandler Bradley is a standout playmaker for South Dakota Mines and Technology, which is based out of Rapid City, South Dakota. Bradley sees most of his action on the offensive side of the football, as he plays wideout for the Hardrockers, but has the versatility to line up in other positions as needed. Standing atContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Chandler Bradley C/O ’21 Transfer Portal Wideout/Athlete”

Player Spotlight: Isaiah Batton Palomar College Football Wideout

Isaiah Batton is a talented player for Palomar College in San Marcos, California. An athletic playmaker, Batton can play several positions, as he is listed as a tight end for the Comets, but also lines up at wideout and can be used as needed. Standing at 6’3, 210 pounds, Batton could fit in nearly anyContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Isaiah Batton Palomar College Football Wideout”

Player Spotlight: Zareq Brown Quarterback Salt RiverScorpions

Zareq Brown is a special football player that recently signed with the Salt River Scorpions football team out of the Hohokam Junior College Athletic Conference. Brown has a unique story and journey that landed him with the Scorpions, and we were able to catch up with him, which wasn’t easy because he is fast (4.6Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Zareq Brown Quarterback Salt RiverScorpions”

Player Spotlight: Luke Samperi Graduate Transfer Placekicker

Luke Samperi is a graduate transfer from Bryant University, and is looking for a home to play football next fall. Samperi is a placekicker for the Bulldogs, and he is also in charge of kickoffs for his team. He hopes to find a similar role at a new school. In his junior season, 2019, SamperiContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Luke Samperi Graduate Transfer Placekicker”

Player Spotlight: Sean Delaughter JUCO Transfer Athlete

Sean Delaughter is a JUCO transfer athlete for the Salt River Scorpions in the Hohokam Junior College Athletic Conference. Delaughter plays wideout, kick return and punt return for the Scorpions, and he feels like he will be able to serve his next team in the same capacity. Delaughter has three remaining years to play collegeContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Sean Delaughter JUCO Transfer Athlete”

Player Spotlight Graylon Lindsey III Tailback

Graylon Lindsey III is a playmaker for Sierra College in the NorCal Conference in Rocklin, California. Lindsey is a tailback for the Wolverines and he is part of the 2020 class. Lindsey was able to gain 774 yards rushing in his Junior College career with the Wolverines, while averaging an astonishing 7 yards per carry!Continue reading “Player Spotlight Graylon Lindsey III Tailback”

Player Spotlight: Hayden West Offensive Line

Hayden West is a talented offensive lineman for Pearl River Community College in Poplarville, Mississippi. West plays center for the Wildcats, but he also has experience as a long snapper and snapper on field goals, in addition to playing offensive guard. West started as a true freshman, and he has never missed a game inContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Hayden West Offensive Line”

Player Spotlight: Larry Ragland Jr Wideout

Larry Ragland Jr is a wideout at ‘Dream U’, otherwise known as Independence Community College and is the second JUCO player we have written on. Standing at 6’3, 185 pounds, Ragland certainly has the size that you would like to see in a wideout at the collegiate level. Ragland feels like he has a lotContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Larry Ragland Jr Wideout”

Player Spotlight: Brandon Stapleton Tailback/Wideout/Defensive End

Brandon Stapleton is an athlete looking for a home to play college football. They talented playmaker has seen time on offense at both wideout and tailback, in addition to defensive end on defense. Standing at 6’1, 230 pounds, Stapleton has great size to play at the next level. In the weight-room, Stapleton is a force,Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Brandon Stapleton Tailback/Wideout/Defensive End”

Player Spotlight: Matteo Marino Tailback/Fullback/Wideout/Linebacker

Matteo Marino is an athlete that is currently looking for a place to call home at a JUCO or a Prep School. The 6’1, 190-pounder has played multiple positions in his career, including linebacker, wideout, tight end and fullback. With one year of collegiate experience under his belt, Marino is just looking for a chanceContinue reading “Player Spotlight: Matteo Marino Tailback/Fullback/Wideout/Linebacker”

Player Spotlight: Dashaun Tolefree C/O ’23 Defensive Back

Dashaun Tolefree is a dynamic playmaker and the first JUCO athlete that we have written on. Tolefree attends Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tolefree is a defensive back for the Buffaloes, and he also sees time on special teams as a punt returner. The 6’2, 175-pounder has great size for a defensive back,Continue reading “Player Spotlight: Dashaun Tolefree C/O ’23 Defensive Back”